1,4SEED® is an essential tool for managing seed potatoes.  Its formula is based on 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (1,4DMN.)

  • Keeps potatoes dormant in storage bins that have been warmed up during partial shipments.
  • Stabilizes dormancy to maximize seed vigor at field planting.
  • Helps reduce shrink for more salable product weight.

How Does 1,4SEED® Work?

Its active ingredient is a molecule that is natural to the potato.  Once applied, it penetrates through the potato skin, enhancing and restoring dormancy.  The sprout suppression is temporary in nature and fully reversible.  It dissipates out of the potato over time, depending upon storage temperature, the amount of ventilation and the rate that is applied.

Reduce Shrink and Maintain Vigor

Use 1,4SEED® on lots that have been stressed and show limited dormancy after harvest.  Early applications can help reduce shrink providing more salable product at the end of the storage season.

Extend the Storage Life of Seed Crop Sprout-Free

1,4SEED® can re-establish dormancy for seed lots that have begun showing signs of peeping and have several months left in storage or that remain after a partial shipment has occurred in a warmed up bin.  Treat January through March, depending upon the anticipated planting date.


Now you can treat your seed up to 30 days before planting due to revised label instructions. 1,4SEED® can be used successfully on all common varieties of seed potatoes. Contact your applicator for details on treatment for specific varieties, sprout control or storage conditions.