Registered since 1995, PIN NIP® 98% CIPC is a stable, solid potato sprout inhibitor. Years of research, development and testing have demonstrated significant application benefits from the use of solid CIPC over the liquid formulation. This formula ensures maximum control as well as benefits in storage, handling and application.

  • Less stress to potatoes. Application machines can run at lower temperatures and faster speeds reducing stress to potatoes.
  • 98% pure. Contains no unnecessary chemicals or additives.
  • Solid non-volatile formulation has low toxicity.
  • Stays solid below 100ºF.
  • Will not spill or leak.
  • Not regulated for shipping by any mode of transport.

 The PIN NIP® Pure Advantage

PIN NIP® 98% is a solid block of high purity CIPC. It contains no unnecessary chemicals or additives, resulting in higher residues at a lower cost. With the “PIN NIP Pure Advantage” only the necessary amount of CIPC is used during application, reducing the number of chemicals disbursed into the storage environment for maximum sustainability and safety.  

Outstanding Control and Flexibility

PIN NIP® 98% CIPC, delivered via a thermal fogging system, is highly effective in controlling peeps and sprouts. Optimal results can be achieved by combining PIN NIP 98% CIPC and 1,4SIGHT® (a dormancy enhancing product) in a well-timed program designed to accommodate the potato variety, temperature, storage conditions and scheduled removal of the potatoes from storage. 

Re-Treatment for Extended Storage

PIN NIP® 98% CIPC has EPA approval for increased application rates for late season treatment. If potatoes remain in storage longer than originally anticipated, they may be re-treated. The maximum application for either a single or multiple treatments for fresh market potatoes is 145% of the label’s 2-pound rate.  Potatoes destined for processing may use 165% of the label’s 2-pound rate. (See the Application Rate chart for approved application rates.) 


Application of PIN NIP® 98% CIPC should be made any time after the curing period and before sprouting of potatoes occurs. Apply at rates from 1 to 2 pounds active ingredient per 600 CWT as determined on the label.  When re-treating, see product label for EPA approved application rates for extended storage conditions.