From technical consulting to application engineering, 1,4GROUP, Inc. offers a full range of support services for our clients.  Our staff of researchers, engineers and potato experts brings a wealth of experience to work for you.

Technical Field Representatives

Industry experts are on staff to work with growers and storage managers throughout North America. In addition to addressing sprout control and quality preservation, they work with clients via applicators to customize storage treatment programs using a full range of products and application tools.

Application Technology

Our in-house engineering staff can build state-of-the-art application equipment to maximize the distribution and uptake of storage chemicals.  Equipment is customized for differing locations, storage conditions and potato varieties.


Research & Development

Field Research - Staff researchers can conduct on-site tests for clients in their storages. These tests provide solutions to quality maintenance issues for growers and storage managers.  We also offer training and seminars on storage management.

In-house Research - Our in-house research facility houses six 3-ton storage bins that are used to test dormancy and sprouting issues.  Additional storage research is conducted in 55-gallon drums on different potato varieties. Our researchers develop innovative methods to improve application effectiveness and techniques.

University Collaboration - On-going studies and testing are done worldwide with major universities on new technology and products for the potato storage industry.