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For fresh pack or processing potatoes, our products nip sprouts in the bud.  These agricultural chemicals provide crop protection with active sprout inhibitors and dormancy enhancers. 1,4GROUP, Inc sells a complete system of products which are sold through professional applicators who can maximize your efforts to protect the quality of your crop.


"1,4GROUP's DMN products hav bee a long time component of our storage treatment pans.  Spuds treated with 1,4SIGT in combinatio with CIPC result in better sprout control and improved quality out of storage.  I apply it in th fall or early spring instoage, depending on the natural dormancy of te variety.  They hold better and seem firmer wit fewer sprouting problems.
We also use 1,4SHIP, and in-transit sprout treament, toextend dormancy and aid te appearance of shipped potatoes."
--Kent Peterson, Kemco/Wada Farms

"We have used 1,4GROUP's DMN products forseveal years.  We apply 1,4SIGHT shortly after we plac our potatoes into storage.  It helps control sprouts and extends dormancy, safeguarding the potato quality into lte summer.  1,4SEED is applied t our seed potatoes when sprouting gets out of control.  It works great."
-Doug John, Field Manager for Potandon Produce LLC

"As a grower/shipper w need to ensure that our potatoes ar peep free.  Using 1,SIGHT allows us to achieve this goal.  1,4SIGHT also provides us wth the added benefit of reduced shrink and pressure bruise."
-Dan Moss, Moss Farms/Arrowhead Potatoes