Storage Fogging

PIN NIP® 98% Chlorpropham (CIPC)

This high-purity, solid CIPC offers improved handling safety, higher residues and can be applied at lower temperatures than liquid. When combined with 1,4SIGHT® it provides optimal sprout control and quality maintenance.


1,4SIGHT® is an in-storage vapor treatment that enhances dormancy while controlling peeps and sprouts. Increased dormancy lowers respiration which can reduce shrink and bruising.


This in-storage treatment establishes a temporary and fully reversible dormancy in seed potatoes and can be used within 30 days of planting.

Sprout Torch® Clove Oil

Clove oil effectively ‘refreshes’ the appearance of potatoes and is an ideal pre-shipping application for potatoes that have started to peep or sprout.

Packing Shed Application


A water soluble CIPC line spray that works with cold water and emulsifies quickly for high residue uptake.

In-Transit Aerosol


A ready-to-use aerosol dormancy enhancer that treats fresh potatoes right in the shipping vehicle to delay peeps and sprouts.