Our Mission

1,4GROUP provides value-added customer solutions in potato storage quality management, innovative application techniques, and shelf-life extension through scientifically-based product development.  We provide customers with continuous improvement of product formulations and integrated support systems.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At 1,4GROUP, we believe that sustainability is intrinsically linked with the concept of stewardship.  In the food production industry, the stewardship of chemicals and other tools involves using natural resources in such a way that allows for continual improvement, while protecting the delicate availability of those same resources.  By demonstrating responsibility in key areas, our aim is to help the earth and all of its inhabitants grow and thrive for many generations to come.  At 1,4GROUP, we believe that food preservation is a noble industry, and as an integral part of our decision-making and operational processes, 1,4GROUP practices sustainability by:

♦ Helping farmers minimize the loss of produce grown, thus helping to eliminate world hunger by limiting the amount of food lost post-harvest

♦ Offering the 1,4-DMN family of products that are found naturally occurring in the potato, as well in other plants and foods, resulting in a softer bio-pesticide classification

♦ Operating a thriving Research and Development department that continually searches for innovative product solutions that minimize our environmental footprint

♦ Working closely with suppliers and customers who also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable growth and a dedication to protecting the natural environment