"1,4GROUP's DMN products have been a long time component of our storage treatment plans.  Spuds treated with 1,4SIGHT® in combination with CIPC result in better sprout control and improved quality out of storage.  I apply it in the fall or early spring in storage, depending on the natural dormancy of the variety.  They hold better and seem firmer with fewer sprouting problems.
We also use 1,4SHIP®, and in-transit sprout treatment, to extend dormancy and aid the appearance of shipped potatoes."

-Kent Peterson, Kemco/Wada Farms

"We have used 1,4GROUP's DMN products for several years.  We apply 1,4SIGHT® shortly after we place our potatoes into storage.  It helps control sprouts and extends dormancy, safe guarding the potato quality into the summer.  1,4SEED® is applied to our seed potatoes when sprouting gets out of control.  It works great."

-Doug John, Field Manager for Potandon Produce LLC

"As a grower/shipper we need to ensure that our potatoes are peep free.  Using 1,SIGHT® allows us to achieve this goal.  1,4SIGHT® also provides us with the added benefit of reduced shrink and pressure bruise."

-Dan Moss, Moss Farms/Arrowhead Potatoes