New Look

1,4Zap safely and effectively eliminates emerging peeps and sprouts during post-harvest storage that need to be upgraded for premium shipping.  It rapidly turns most peeps and sprouts brown and black.  This enables growers to freshen the exterior of stored potatoes so that they look like freshly harvested potatoes.

Rescue Option

1,4Zap is aggressive on sprouts that have rapidly extended to 3-4 inches in length.  The aggressive action uniquely burns down the sprout for complete dry down in a matter of weeks.  This gives a grower options to deal with an undesirable situation that would have been economically devastating.


♦  A compound that effectively burns peeps and sprouts at the surface for quick cleanup

♦  1,4Zap can upgrade potatoes to reduce rejections

♦  Superior pile penetration for effective control


1,4Zap is applied in storage with regular thermo-fogging equipment.  Label flexibility gives a wide range of application rates, especially for longer sprouts that require higher application rates for effective control.  Growers can begin packing and shipping from the treated storage within 4-7 days after application.

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