Storage Fogging
PIN NIP® 98% Chlorpropham (CIPC)

This high-purity, solid CIPC offers improved handling safety, higher residues and can be applied at lower temperatures than liquid formulations. When combined with 1,4SIGHT® it provides optimal sprout control and quality maintenance.


This is an in-storage vapor treatment that enhances dormancy while controlling peeps and sprouts.  Increased dormancy lowers respiration which can reduce shrink and pressure bruising.


This in-storage treatment establishes a temporary and fully reversible dormancy in seed potatoes with a flexible application window up to 30 days before planting.


Safely and effectively eliminate emerging sprouts during post-harvest storage.  Ideal pre-shipping tool that effectively "refreshes" the appearance of potatoes that have started to peep or sprout.

Sprout Torch® Clove Oil

Clove oil is the number one tool for effective sprout control and burn back agent in organic potatoes.

Packing Shed Application

A highly water soluble CIPC line spray that works well with cold water and emulsifies quickly for high residue uptake.

In-Transit Aerosol

A ready-to-use aerosol dormancy enhancer that treats fresh potatoes right in the shipping vehicle to delay peeps and sprouts during the potato distribution channel.

Application Equipment

State of the art application equipment that can provide higher product residue levels with increased accuracy and safety.