Superior Potato Quality

Sprout and peep control, pressure bruising and shrink are quality issues that storage managers face every year.  Incorporating 1,4SIGHT® into your storage treatment plan can provide unprecedented success in managing these common storage challenges.

♦ 1,4SIGHT® can be used as a stand alone product or to supplement your CIPC sprout control regimen. It works internally to delay sprouting activity, whereas CIPC works externally to prevent peeps from sprouting. Together they extend dormancy while controlling sprouts.

♦ 1,4SIGHT® penetrates through the potato skin to restore its dormancy. Dormancy lowers the respiration rate slowing the loss of moisture and solids, thereby diminishing shrink and susceptibility to pressure bruise. Restoring dormancy may also shorten the post-harvest “sweat period.”

♦ Maintaining dormancy helps retain potato firmness resulting in fresher appearing potatoes and fewer load downgrades.

Customized Application Plan

Apply 1,4SIGHT® shortly after storage door closure to establish a deep dormancy.  Mid- and late-season applications extend dormancy while preventing sprouts from starting.  Application rates depend upon the variety, facility, temperature, venting and condition of the potatoes.  Your applicator can design a customized program for your potatoes.


EARLY SEASON: Apply 1-10 days after door closure as soon as the pile becomes stable.

MID SEASON: Apply when you expect the natural dormancy of the variety is about to end. 1,4SIGHT® can be applied with CIPC for increased effectiveness.

LATE SEASON: Depending on the variety and conditions, apply in storage approximately 2-6 weeks prior to shipping.

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