A Seed Grower's Advantage

1,4SEED® is an essential tool for managing seed potatoes and providing a seed grower with maximum flexibility. 

♦ Stabilizes dormancy to maximize seed vigor at time of planting.

Keeps potatoes dormant even in storage bins warmed during partial shipments.

♦ Helps reduce shrink to provide more salable product weight.

♦ Encourages uniform plant emergence in the field. 

♦ Reduces the negative impact of apical dominance in certain varieties.

How Does 1,4SEED® Work?

The active ingredient is a molecule that is natural to the potato.  Once applied, it penetrates through the potato skin, enhancing and restoring dormancy.  The sprout suppression is temporary in nature and fully reversible.  It dissipates out of the potato over time, depending upon storage temperature, the amount of ventilation and the rate that is applied.

Reduce Shrink and Maintain Vigor

Use 1,4SEED® on lots that have been stressed and show limited dormancy after harvest.  Early applications can help reduce the impact of bruising, reduce shrink, and provide a more salable product weight at the end of the storage season.

Uniform Stand and Emergence

Potatoes with 1,4SEED® can greatly reduce the effect of apical dominance of the variety.  When the seed comes out of dormancy all eyes emerge at the same time.  Even emergence helps with increased yields, size distribution, weed control and pathogen control.

Extend the Storage Life of Seed Crop Sprout-Free

1,4SEED® can re-establish dormancy for seed lots that have begun showing signs of peeping but have time left in storage.  It is also an excellent seed grower's tool for those bins that were warmed up so a partial shipment could be made to customers and now the remainder must wait some time before planting.  1,4SEED® will keep your potatoes healthy and vigorous for when they hit the ground.


1,4SEED® can be used successfully on all common varieties of seed potatoes with treatments that normally occur January through March, depending upon the anticipated planting date. 1,4SEED® applications can be made up to 30 days before planting.  Contact your applicator for details on treatment for specific varieties, storage conditions and dormancy expectations.

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