Superior Formulation - Excellent Coverage & Uptake

Spud Guard® 2 EC's proprietary cold water emulsified formulation contains a surfactant to help disperse the active ingredient uniformly over the surface of the potato.  The solution is injected right into the cold water flow of the pre-pack wash system. 

♦ Save on heating and electricity with the cold water formula designed to work in water as cold as 35°F.

♦ Highly soluble for immediate injection into the water flow.

♦ Produces higher residue uptake using less chemical.

♦ Uniform coverage means higher absorption through the eyes of the potato, resulting in better residue levels and improved sprout control.

♦ Works with a variety of application methods.

♦ Remains liquid in transit and does not freeze at low temperatures.

Product Specifications

♦ Chemical Name: Chlorpropham (Isopropyl N-[3-chlorophenyl] carbamate.)

♦ Available in 5 gallon containers or 30 gallon drums.

♦ One gallon of Spud Guard® 2 EC will treat up to 2,000 CWT of potatoes.



Spud Guard® 2 EC is usually applied as a 1% emulsion spray on the drying table, or similar station, after the potatoes have been washed. Automatic proportioners, or injection systems, apply an equivalent rate of active ingredient that may be used. Equipment should be set to spray evenly across the rollers moving the potatoes. Rolling or tumbling action improves coverage compared to flat conveyor belts.

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